Rain City Fence is owned and operated by Seattle residents, and offers year-round fence construction services to the greater Seattle area.


By only taking on fence projects, we have been able to become experts in all things related to fences and ensure we build our fences to the highest standards.


Our fences are not only beautiful, but durable and built to last, with a two year warranty. Our number one goal at Rain City Fence is customer satisfaction because you are our neighbors.

Rain City Fence is a fully licensed, bonded and insured fencing company in Washington State. Our license, bond & insurance can be verified here:


( on L&I's website. 



We value integrity and honesty above all else. We provide detailed written fixed price proposals, so you know exactly what to expect when we build your fence project. During the build of your project, our number one job is to make you happy. We stand behind our service by including our warranty in our written bid proposal.


Communication is one of Rain City Fence's top priorities. We provide written proposals that clearly reflect the scope of work, materials proposed and price based on our project walk-through during our bidding phase. During construction, you will only be charged for what was proposed and nothing more. If the scope of work changes for any reason, we will hold off on proceeding with the changed work until you approve.


Every project we take on is guided by our goal to provide you with a beautiful, long-lasting fence. We use top-quality products from local material suppliers and our builders follow our high standards and best practices when building your fence. We also encourage an open dialog with our clients, so that  our clients are completely satisfied with their product. .


Estimate and Proposal Phase

On your request, an estimate meeting is scheduled. When the scheduled estimate meeting arrives, an estimator will meet with you to go over the details of your project with you, and to take on-site measurements related to your project.

The estimator will then send you a proposal email, which describes your fence project in detail and provides the cost for the project for your review.

After reviewing your proposal, you can accept your estimate and agree to the project online.

Pre-Construction Phase

Once you have accepted your estimate and agreed to the project online, Rain City Fence will schedule your build, and send you an email that includes your project's projected start date, along with a bill for our scheduling deposit.

Soon, a utility location service will be arranged by Rain City Fence, and a utility locate will be performed at your property. When your scheduled build date approaches, usually about a week ahead of the build, Rain City Fence will reach out to your to set a date for a pre-construction meeting between you and your fence builder lead. During this meting our fence builder will go over your project with you, and clarify with you all all the information neccesary to build your fence to make sure that your fence is built as you'd like it.

Post-Construction Phase

Once your fence has been built, you have the choice to either walk through the build with our fence builder the day the fence is completed, or to walk through it independently if your schedule makes this impossible.

Any small problems you notice that you'd like corrected can then be emailed or called in to Rain City Fence, and one of our fence builders will stop by to make any fixes. After the post-construction walk through and corrections have been completed, your fence warranty period begins.

Build Phase

Following the pre-construction meeting, our fence building team will build your fence autonomously, checking in with you about the fence project about construciton issues.